Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Web pages on chair lifts produced by the Google Directory. Need to find an objective evaluation of various types, though. Consumer Reports? Nothing there. (Aug. 25, 2004)

[2004 08 04]
Here's a PDF version of the Connecticut DMV form (i.e. "1-B") for replacing a lost license. And here is the list of ID's the DMV will accept. One needs at least one item from each category, and it appears that an expired passport isn't sufficient for category 1. However, it does suffice for category 2. We'll need to get a valid passport, social security card, or birth certificate. Click here for NYC birth certificate application (assuming that Mom really was born in NYC)

[2004 07 15]
The concensus seems to be that Whitney Center is the place to go, if you can afford it. Tower One doesn't seem like a bad place at all, though. Just that the rooms are smaller and the lifestyle more casual. Here's the Tower One home page. "The renowned architect Charles Moore began construction more than 30 years ago. His and the others' dreams of a safe, cheerful, comfortable home in the Jewish tradition has come true." They have 367 apartments. Address and phone number are: Tower One/Tower East, 18 Tower Lane, New Haven, CT 06519, (877)372-1629 Here's another description from the United Way website. Ashlar Village in Wallingford, Connecticut also looks good, but it's probably too far from New Haven to be practical.

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