Sunday, January 16, 2005

Student Hiring

Instructions on hiring students using interactive online database service. Mike and Sharon from ITS (?) or Project X gave presentation. Technique: start with SFAS Home Page. Select Student Employment Home. Select On-Campus Employers, and then Log On to Your Control Panel. To see jobs already posted start with Job X Home. Select the Find a Job link.

Supervisors can enter "write-in candidates", since students don't need to apply on line. Need to have students NetID. Immediate validation is provided regarding citizenship and payroll status, and helps supervisor decide if I-9 also needs to be submitted.

PAF equivalent also here. Really need students date of birth as secondary identifier in database, also middle name is importnat. Left hand panel has "Student List Checker" which retrieves things like student date of birth.

6-digit "Home org number", part of PTAO no., can be obtained from business office. Beginning work date is critical. Make sure to put in real date student began work. If not sure, err on side of caution and put earlier date.

"New" flag remains on link until application is first opened. Use stationary to respond. First to say that you've received application. Then, if interested to say what times and days I'm available for an interview.

Click "Manage Job" link, to "clean up data. E.g., "Storage" mode to delete obsolete items from system. Or "storage" mode, so job can be reposted in subsequent semesters. Or "Listed" mode to get job description back on public site. "Review" mode stops system from receiveing more jobs.

Manon: What about dept headings signing off of JD's? Answer: assumption now is that these are pre-approved, but need to follow up.

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