Wednesday, March 30, 2005

OCLC Connexion

There's a slide presentation to guide NACO record creation via Connexion.

[2005 03 30]
Ernie and Patricia co-lead Expert User session on configuring OCLC Connexion.
Current release: 1.3. Decision not to push directly through to wksts since this would require two reboots plus we didn't want to install on every single machine. We may install right away. Cut off date for Passport is May 1st. If Microsoft .NET Framework not already installed (check control panel under "Add/Remove programs" under letter 'm'), need to download from PC-Amigo, which can take a while. Should already be there on new machines, though. To obtain original password, Not on support page: OCLC Passport: tools--> macro-->logon macro-->edit-->authorization and password, without quotation marks.

Install Connexion from PC Amigo: select "run". For installation folder, click "Everyone", even if I'm the only one using my machine.

Training for using the application will take place in April in Lecture Hall. For now, just configuration.

  • Tools-->Options-->Click third radio botton under "Internet Access", i.e., "OCLC Dedicated TCP/IP (http://connecxion ... .)

  • Then "Authorizations" tab (and password), hyphens not necessary. Library Unit name can be HBR or HEB, etc.

  • Check "Export" tab--> File--> Create-->Select "File" (Default)-->OK-->find "Voyager" folder-->Catalog--> OCLCimp-->IMPORT.DAT (i.e., keep file name same as it was).

  • Make sure font default is Arial Unicode MS.

  • Under General tab: 15 minute timeout with 5 minute warning.

  • Configure "Label Printer", then click "Apply" (always do this to save settings).

For documentation: Yale Cataloging Tools and Resources-->OCLC Connexion client tutorials--> Search WorldCat

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