Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yale Workstation

Software available through ITS

Today began using ITS's Central Backup service. Followed instructions for Scheduler. Leave computer on overnight, and confirm tomorrow that backup took place.

Horde PHP-based Unicode-compliant IMPv4 (Internet Messaging Program) the new guts of Yale Webmail. Use account mangement tool for activiting email auto-replies.

[2005 07 25]
View Yale Library Calendars to find out what's happening at Mudd SCML, CCL electronic classroom, etc.


meetingmaker (Java client); MM system status

Windows 2000 Keyboard Shortcuts Reference See also Microsoft's own support page. Neither of these discuss how to switch field orientation. Also try this site, which includes specific key combinations for invoking language support features.

[2004 10 17]
Staff Center for Multimedia Learning (SCML) online calendar
ALCTS/SAC-PCC/SCT Joint Initiative on Subject Training Materials

[2004 08 13]
Endeavor Knowledge Base. See QuickWord for User ID/Password

[2004 10 28]

Computer seems to have died. Workstation Support Group keeps changing its name, so I have trouble finding their website on Google. I think they're now called "Web, Worksation & Digitial Consulting Services"(WWS). In any case, here's a link to their
Software & Hardware documentation.

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