Monday, August 20, 2007

LibX (Firefox extension)

LibX is an open source tool created by Annette Bailey and Godmar Back that creates hyperlinks between text on web pages and items held in one's library. It received the 2007 LITA/Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award. Create new ones through the edition builder interface. See below or tikiwiki page for more detail.

Step Schmitt developed one for Morris that seems to query Orbis as well.

It works with Voyager (and other ILSs), and features toolbar, drop-down context menu (usu. right mouse click), drop-and-drag searches. For example, if ISBN is selected, context menu offers option to search directly using that unique identifier. The following identifiers are currently recognized: CrossRef DOIs, ISBNs, and ISSNs, and PubMed IDs.

It uses OpenURL resolvers (in Yale's case, SFX) to retrieve local holdings and subscriptions, and will provide full-text where available. Within Google Scholar, for example, one can quickly look up references (even from within PDFs) and retrieve paid-for copies of full text.

Graphical cues (e.g., university logo) appear next to text strings in Web pages if LibX determines that the library owns related content. For example, a book record on might link back to the same edition held at Yale. (See screencasts in Demo 3 for examples). Click on cue to activate link and view fulfillment options

Jesse Ruderman has created an autolinking script which allows LibX automatically to link ISBNs, ISSNs, DOIs, and other identifiers to one's catalog or OpenURL resolver.

LibX provides support for proxy server access. It also supports COinS, which turn tags hidden by web site authors or publishers into actionable OpenURLs links. And it also supports OCLC's xISBN, which allows one to find a similar book in one's library even if the exact edition is not held or currently unavailable.

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