Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goal: VuFind via Ubuntu via VirtualBox on Mac

Yesterday I finally was able to get Sun's VirtualBox configured properly on my MacBook, and then install Ubuntu 8.10 as a guest O.S. My longer-term goal was to install VuFind using these installation instructions, but I got tripped up after the Oracle InstantClient download when I tried to execute "sudo pecl install oci8" and received the error message "Oracle client libraries not found". Steve Thomas reported a similar problem 5/27/08 on the vufind-gen discussion list. Wally Grotophorst's instructions may suggest a workaround, but at the moment I'm not even able to pull up my Apache home page..

Something to remember about issuing shell commands as root in Ubuntu: start with sudo -i, enter password; then, until otherwise instructed, shell will interpret all commands as coming from superuser. Prefacing individual commands with "sudo" doesn't work. Neither does "su".

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