Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Europe 2004

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Here's a Universal Currency Converter Found a handy list of Telephone country codes. Germany is "49". "To call using your current long distance carrier please dial as follows: 011 + Country Code + City (if applicable) + Local number" Rail Europe seems like the best website for reserving rail trips in the EU. Impossible to reserve either direction on Frankfurt to Marburg route, so we need to do this with Die Bahn instead.Eurail Selectpass Saver allows travel in 3 countries for 6 days in 2 months. 1st Class travel would be $336.00 per adult. For 8 day pass, it would be 400. For 10 days, 460 dollars. Compare this to purchasing each ticket separately. Checking Marburg to Heidelberg stretch on Die Bahn website for May 20th. Only 24 (?) Euros per person if we leave at 1:30pm (arriving ca. 4:30, so 1 hour longer than earlier departure). "Kundennummer lautet 1426416." Looks like 40 more Euros to get from Heidelberg to Strasbourg on the 22nd; and from there to Paris on the 24th is not available online through Deutche Bahn. The Europeonrail site looks interesting, but really specializes in multi-day rail passes. Has some quotes for point-to-point tickets, but doesn't include Strasbourg. According to, Strasbourg to Paris 2nd class seats one-way would be 57 dollars, and the trip would last 4 hours. First class would be 75 dollars each way. I found this out from their user-friendly ticket price search engine. They also have a nice rail map of France, with which to plot out one's trip. It looks like one can book trips on line, but they also say "Should you wish to book point-to-point tickets or reservations please call EuropeanVacation toll-free 1.800.722.7151 directly."

[2004 04 18]

Reserved room at the "Tourisme Hotel" in Paris. Short walk to Eifel Tower, and accross street from Metro Station and "Monoprix" department store.

Here's a list of Paris hotels generated by

The hotel in Paris recommended by Dad is L'hotel du Tourisme, located at 66 Avenue la Motte Pique. Here's the closest view I could obtain through

L'hotel du Tourisme, 66 Avenue la Motte Pique (great location). 10 years ago the cost was $50/night. Really small rooms but clean with bathroom and tv. Tel. [011-33-1] 47-342-801.

Arrive May 24th; Depart May 29th

[2004 03 11]
EuroTrip Discussion Boards: "The Elite: Bunsenstr. 15 (06221 25 734). I think we payed about 35 bucks each for a double bed, private shower, TV, and breakfast, which was wonderful. When we checked in, we were wet and sick, and the woman there made us coco. That speaks for the hotel. I just hope it was the Elite we stayed at and I'm not remembering incorrectly! It was almost 3 years ago. -alt"

[2004 03 13]
Searching for hotels in Heidelberg . Took a look at Hotel Perkeo which is located at Hauptstr. 75, 69117. Phone number (for is 011 49 30 814 783 20. No mention of bath. Hauptsrasse goes directly from Bismarkplatz past Kurpfaelslsches Museum to Marktplatz and the Rathaus, so could be a great location. Kind of expensive, though, starting at $106.31 (with bath). Here's a review of Hotel Perkeo from And here's TripAdvisor's review of Heidelberg's Anlage Hotel. And here's a review of Hotel Zum Pfalzgrafen, from

[2004 03 14]
Strasbourg: Hotel des Francs Bourgeois. "5 minutes from the Cathedral and the 'Petite France'".

Perusing list of Strasbourg hotels on the Web, considered booking a room at Hotel Cathedrale in Strasbourg, with "rooms in rear" i.e., not facing cathedral, starting at 75 euros, but ended up making reservation at "Hotel des Francs Bourgeois" (see 3/14/04 posting above)

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