Thursday, July 01, 2004



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Click these links for information on latest Sony handhelds: CLIE PEG-TH55; Various CLIE models Here's the model I like most. On sale at Circuit City for $270: SONY PEGTG50 - Sony CLIÉ™ Handheld PDA Here's a direct link to Sony's PEGA-CA60; And here's the PEGA-CA62/B; and the PEGTJ37

As much as I love the CLIÉs, though, I also love the Palm Tungsten E I saw at Staples. I prefer not having the built in keyboard, which most of the CLIÉs have, since this adds too much bulk. Here's the same Tungsten E, offered at Circuit City; and here's the same model offered directly from Palm One

11/30/03: Stopped by Circuit City, and admired the Sony Clie PDAs. Beautifully designed machines, some with digital cameras, but the ones without cameras are less bulky. We need to find a way to support Japanese character processing. For Palm O.S., consider shareware application from DYTS

10/5/04: Here's a possible solution to HotSync problem opening Date Book database.

10/8/04: This new Tungsten T5 model from PalmOne looks great. 256 MB flash memory, 320 x 480 display, Palm OS 5.4, weighs 5.1 oz. Includes USB cradle. Expensive though. $400. Meanwhile, I'm bidding on eBay for replacement of Visor Edge.