Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Read article on wordpress, free blogging software based on PHP and MySQL. Announcement on wordpress development blog of new release

Interesting article from blogfresh on using delicious tags to create blog categories. I'm. realizing for the first time that my blog is not just my invisible private note-pad. It is out there be bumped into. Need to be more careful about my quotations and attributions.

Blogging in Academic Research Libraries, presented by Terrence K. Huwe librarian at UC Berkeley and columnist for Computers in Libraries. Viewed noon to 1 p.m. at CCL experimental room via "Elluminate Live!". Audio and running transcript, but no video (major drawback). Direct messaging window on left allowed audience chatter and 'hand raising'.

Huwe cites fastcompony.com article: "Its a blog word after all" on creative use of blogging to increase productivity and profitability. Business Week recently had cover story on blogs.

Bloglines for rss great and free but not customizable. We use it for content.

Fragmented notes:

Aboriginal Resources Scholarly Portal example of could usability and design, looks like a well-developed web site; Minnesota Public Library newscasting service (w/RSS) pull (not push) technology; "Current copyright readings" good design reference blog";
Two tools used by Berkeley Indusrial relations blog: Radio User Land ($40/yr) and blogger.com. rss is lightweigt xml. Each story defined by tag. Radio land tool allows archive by category(?) and easy rss and shortcuts.

New blog for work: Cataloging Problems and Resolutions. Try to get it moved to Yale blogging system.


  1. Hey!! Wasn't my intention to be a beligerent wake-up call!! Apologies for trauma caused!! I can see who links to what using technorati, (I have a how-to for that too, if you're interested...) & since this post is just about the first one I've written that anyone's been interested in, I'm having fun watching the information spread. I'll be more careful with my glib responses to links in the future!!

  2. No problem, John. Thanks for the note! / Daniel