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SUNPENTOWN 12,000 BTU PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER (SUN WA-1200E). Purchased from Compact Appliance, July 7, 2003. Order no. M0063961 599.00. Shipping was free. Too noisy for living room, so better to sell off through ebay. For something heavy like this, though, the New Haven version of craigslist might be better. eBay good for finding Visor Edge units though. As of July 4, I seem to be the highest bidder on this one, and there's only a day or so left of bidding. Check inbox for replies to my query.

[2004-11-21] Listed Handspring Visor Platinum on eBay. Clock runs for 7 days. Need to track how it's doing.

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Ebay power seller nicole Teriault is selling same thing, item number:
, for $409. Shipping costs not specified. "Buy it now," rather than auction. Compact Alliance is selling same item for same price. Spare filter is additional $25. Standard ground shipping (UPS?) is $50. Three-day select is $170.

Here are specs from Compact Appliance:

Portable Air Conditioner Quick Specs
Model: WA-1210E
BTU: 12000
Recommended room size: 400 square feet
EER: 12.63
Controls: Electronic
Noise level: 51.5 dB
Modes: Portable ac anda fan
Condensate: Partially exhausted
Number of hoses: 1
Hose length: 5'
Diameter of exhaust hose: 4.75"
Window kit max.: 48"
Voltage: 115v
Amperage: 7.9 Amps
Dimensions: 30"h x 15"w x 16"d
Warranty: 1 year of Mail In Service
Portable Air Conditioner Quick Specs
This Portable Room Air Conditioner from Sunpentown (model WA-1210E) boasts 12,000 BTU of power and versatile electronic controls. Sunpentown has listened to customer feedback and introduced some of the best portable room air conditioners ever. This portable room air conditioner features a self evaporating design that minimizes the amount of times you must empty the condensation bucket - 65-75% of water condensed out of the air is vented through the exhaust hose! The ergonomic design with an integrated handle and built-in oversized caster wheels makes this the easiest portable room air conditioner to transport.

Additionally, the WA-1210E features the highest EER of all portable room air conditioners in its class - an amazing 12.63 EER. The electronic controls and digital temperature display make the WA-1210E easy to use. Use the integrated timer to run the portable room air conditioner for just as long as you need cooling (up to 12 hours). The included remote control makes it easy to adjust the temperature - even from across the room!

All in all, the Sunpentown Electronic Control Portable Room Air Conditioner model WA-1210E presents features and value unmatched by any other portable room air conditioner.

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