Sunday, October 02, 2005

Open Letter (Political)

Scathing letter: published October 5, 2005 in Democratic Underground, written by Jim Chandler. Here's an excerpt: " We're sorry, but you cannot have God. He belongs to all of us, throughout the world, who choose to believe. He is not unique to Americans. He has not singled out the U.S.A. for special blessing. He does not regard American citizens to be more worthy than the citizens of any other country, and He does not regard our form of government to be superior."

And another choice selection: "We're sorry, but you can't have September 11, 2001. It was a horrific event that has become part of the fabric that defines us all as Americans. The roots of this unspeakable act of terrorism are deep and complex, and will require an equally complex solution. It doesn't fit on a lapel pin. You pretend to speak for the families of the victims, yet you use their tragedy to further your ideological agenda. You are no better than the looters in New Orleans whom you love to deride, even as you continue to loot your political goods from the true victims of 9-11, years after the disaster. You squandered the good will and sympathy of an entire planet, and you've done precious little, these past four years, to make us safer. You don't deserve to own this."

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