Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stew and Terri Wedding

How close is Timberline Lodge to Crater Lake? Here's a pdf map of the Crater lake area. Not very close I'm afraid.

There's an exhibition on the Lewis & Clark expidition at the Oregon Historical Society, but that doesn't start until November 11th. Currently there's an exhibition on Hessian Art, including the Madonna and other paintings by Hans Holbein.

Stew and Terri's wedding blog. Event to take place Saturday, Oct. 29, 5pm. Left comment, that we're staying at Timberline Lodge Oct. 29 through Nov. 1.

From invitation: Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Rooms available at Lodge: 503-622-7979; rm. reservations 800-547-1406.

Mazama Lodge, already rented for guests. On southern slope of Mt. Hood. Staying there is free; only pay for breakefast 7 dollars, lunch 10 dollars and dinner same. Dormitory style with a few private rooms. private rooms don't costs extra but are first come first serve. Bring sleeping bag if taking this option. For reservations etc call Clif and Dae Todd at 503-272-9214 or email

Gift: Prefer that we by a gift animal for family living in poverty. Rather than Crate and Barrel (though they are registered there too at number 8802513), or Home Depot gift certificate, etc.

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