Sunday, January 15, 2006

Green Card


I-797C Checklist

  • Interview Notice and your Government issued photo identification.

  • Completed medical examination(Form I-693) and vacination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted).
  • Completed Affidavit(s) of Support (Form I-864) with all required evidence, including the following, for each of your sponsors (unless already submitted):

    • Federal Income Tax returns and W-2s, or certified IRS printouts, for the past 3 years
    • Letters from each current employer, verying current rate of pay and average weekly hours, and pay stubs for the past 2 months;
    • Evidence of your sponsor's and/or co-sponsor's United States Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident status.
  • All documentation establishing your eligibility for lawful Permanent Resident status.

  • Any immigration-related documentation ever issued to you, including any Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and any Authorization for Advance Parole

  • All travel documents used to enter the US including passports, Advance Parole docs (I-512) and I-94s (Arrival/Departure Document)

  • Your Birth Certificate.
  • Your petitioner's Birth Certificate and your pertitioner's evidence of United States Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident status.
  • If you have children ...
  • If your eligibility is based on your marriage, in addition to your spouse coming to the interview with you, bring:
    • A certified copy of your Marriage Document issued by the appropraite civil authority.
    • Your spouse's Birth Certificate and your spouse's evidence of United States Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident status;
    • If either you or your spouse were ever married before, all divorce decrees-death certicates for each prior marriage/former spouse;
    • Birth Certifcates for all children of this marriage, and custody papers for your children and for your spouse's children not living with you;

  • Supporting evidence of your relationship, such as copies of any documentation regarding joint assets or liabilities you and your spouse may have together. This may include: tax returns, bank statements, insurance documents (car, life, health), property documents (car, house, etc.), rental agreements, utility bills, credit cards, contracts, leases, photos, correspondence and/or any other documents you feel may substantiate your relationship.
  • Original and copy of each supporting document that you submitted with your application. Otherwise, we may keep your originals for our records.
  • If you have ever been arrested ...
  • A certified English translation for each foreign language document. The translator must certify that s/he is fluent in both languages, and that the translation in its entirely is complete and accurate.

Complete list of forms and fees direct from source: Some, e.g. G-325A (Biography data), can be filled-out electronically. Most of the others (for us, all of the others), must be filled out by hand: I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and I-864 Affadavit of Support and I-485 Petition to Adjust Status.

Per, G-325 Biographical Information to be filed along with I-485 Green Card application. See also official list of service fees.

[2004 10 03]
Jacqui Bucar is an immigration attorney and a partner at Tyler Cooper & Alcorn. New Haven office is at 205 Church Street, a.k.a. the First Union Building. (8/31/04)

Important to have physical examination by INS-approved physician, e.g., Dr. Racuglia at 2 Church St. in New Haven.

Good information is available on Yale Office for International Students and Scholars

Need to make fingerprints.

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