Sunday, January 15, 2006


Japan Times Book Club

Yamasa Language Institute: fees for short intensive language acquisition courses. Teaching Japanese through music. JLTN (Japanese Language Teachers Network) Quarterly. National Council of Japanese Language Teachers, see esp. links page.

Handed out during LL: est. 14 hours to fill out conjugation practice sheet that will count for 20 percent of final exam.

Yahoo Japan during lab: Video News

10/14/04: JPN100 language lab. Not using Lab Recorder. Instead, playing with Web Subject Contents, or something. Practicing verbs. Genki CD set costs 18,000 yen (ca. $180). Later in the session we're encouraged to practice kanji here. Another good practice site, which actually seems a part of genki, is this.Reproduction in Modern JapanBeginning Japanese (J115) is to be taught at Yale by Michiaki Murata (in charge), Mari Stever, and staff. I need to email Murata-sensei to see if I may audit. There's an email directory on the East Asian Languages and Literatures website Here's the information: EMAIL: SPECIALTIES: Japanese Language; Japanese History. PHONE: 2-8609 OFFICE: 432 Temple Rm. 302. HOURS: Mon & Tues 3-4. One can apply to be a Yale Special Student, and gain course credit, but then each course costs around $7,000. Maybe worth reconsidering the program at Southern even though they say the intro class is already filled beyond capacity. There's a bit more information in the course catalog. [Aug. 13, 2004:]Wait for email confirmation, then check back with Registrar Page to enter user ID and password for online registration. My SCSU is modified version of "Pipeline," and allows certain kinds of transactions to take place online (emailing professors, etc.). I can't seem to find any mention of what textbook to purchase. Also, I have no idea where the class is supposed to meet. Here's the website for SCSU's Dept. of Foreign Languages. Maybe I'll find some clues there. SCSU Audio Online will become important once sensei has the materials finished. Yoshikawa-sensei recommends kanachart in the mean time. Also recommends Hiroko Sato's Japanese page at Rice University website. Jerry Anne suggested I check Yale's Digital Audio Website to see what kind of Japanese language resources might be available there.

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