Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Unicode Implementation in Libraries: 2006

March 16, 2006 position paper:Unicode Implementation at the Library of Congress. Good to read in conjunction with MARBI Discussion Paper 2001-DP05 and MARC21 Bibliographic Appendix D which defines Model A (paired fields) and Model B (simple multiscript) for creating multiple script records.

Comments on position paper:
Bullet 5: There's already a precedent for including "small quantities of non-Latin data in Latin script records (e.g., single characters, words , phrases)", namely the three Greek symbols alpha, beta, and gamma, and some other characters, which are currently allowed outside of 880 fields (cf.: Accessing Alternative Character Sets, Technique 1).

Bullet 8: Difference of opinion on how to interpret "Model C" in MARBI Discussion Paper 2001-DP05. One interpretation is that non-Roman script alternative forms would be included as 4xx's as long as they conform to the "context" of a particular agency's catalog (in our case, an English-language, AACR2/RDA, research library environment). 7xx fields would be provided only for alternative headings (regardless of script) that conform to other catalog contexts and for which separate authority records have been corrected. The other is that, in model C, non-roman script variants of roman script headings would *only* appear in 7xx fields. The examples illustrating Model C seem to support this, since non-roman script variants in these examples appear only in 7xx fields. Try to get clarification on this from Joan Biella and/or Barbara Tillett.

Barbara Tillett has proposed a Virtual International Authority File (VIAF). OCLC is also working on a VIAF.

Also, keep track of ALA Task Force on Non-English Access

For bibliographic records, note that LC invokes DCM B5 App. 6 to determine whether original script fields are warranted: "Input a record into RLIN if the language is a JACKPHY language and most of at least two of the following areas are in nonroman script regardless of the language of the script": 245, 250, 260, 4XX (App.6:B5.11.3)

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