Sunday, April 23, 2006

Web Developers (Yale)

Jeff Barnett on Yulib (in response to official announcement): "What I created is referred to by Firefox as a "search plugin", not a full fledged helper application or conventional "plug in". Documentation on how to build more like it is at The heavy lifting is done by the search engines themselves (in this case Orbis). The search plugin's role is simply to format the query in a standard way, and provide a way of identify the search engine to Firefox and to the user."

Julie Linden mentioned Jeffrey Barnet's (POG-inspired) Orbis bookmarklet for Firefox. I downloaded it from Possible to tweak so that search defaults to title rather than keyword? Check Mozilla plugin documentation.

Per Karen Reardon memo, note in particular list of current ILTS projects , including, among many other items, a link to Yale Library International Database. Also note ILTS's Digital Library Research and Planning Wiki

Some action items from yesterday's meeting:
-WW&DCS will investigate technologies to enable a 'printer friendly' output button for pages using the FD templates that might need to be printed.

-We will create and maintain a list of current projects and technologies being explored with contact information for interested parties. Note that some of this is already listed in the ILTS project plan;
See also Electronic Library Initiatives (ELI).

-PIC will consider wording and placement of links to MetaLib (PIC is already doing this - results will be publicly posted.)

-We will investigate any possibility of 'web ssh' access to servers. If there were other topic I may have forgotten, please e-mail me. We will post updates to these issues as they happen."

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