Saturday, September 22, 2007


Eric Lease Morgan reminds ngc4lib readers about MyLibrary, a set of object-oriented perl modules that (per README page) lets you generate dynamic web pages from collection data, create personalized pages, perform inventories, support manual data-entry, import MARC and OAI-accessible data, index content and support 'search this site' function, syndicate content to portal, and write reports in form of browsable (subject, title, format, etc.) lists. There's a demo library catalog with 300,000 records, to which I signed in as Eosuchian. According to the about page, "The content of the MyLibrary database was indexed with Kinosearch and made accessible via an SRU interface. Search results sport cover art from If reviews exist, then they can be read. Users can to view the full MARC records in tagged, MARCXML, and MODS formats. Users can create accounts for themselves and have items (virtually) delivered to them."

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