Monday, September 17, 2007

Yale Weblogs

Roller uses Velocity template language. See Velocity website and Reference Guide. In Roller the words "page" and "template" are used interchangably.

Trying to invite registered Yale Weblog members to CMS Blog.

Interpreting error message via RollerWiki UserGuide_2.x:

"Set the users Permissions by selecting Admin, Author, or Limited. Click on Send Invitation. If roller is not configured to talk to the mail server, you may get the following messages:

User successfully invited.
ERROR: Notification email(s) not sent, due to Roller configuration or mail server problem.
As long as the first message is present, the invite is successful. The next time the user logs into the blog site, they will see the following: on the Main Menu page:

You are invited to join weblog [weblog name will appear here] – accept  |  decline

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